Hunger (क्षुता)

Pipasa, i.e., Thirst

Sita, i.e., Cold. Ushna, i.e., Heat, Damsamasaka, i.e. Insect-bite, Nagnya, i.e., Nakedness, Arati, i.e., Ennui or disagreeable surroundings, Stri, i.e., Sex-passion, Charya, i.e., Walking too much, Nishadya, i.e., Continuous sitting in one posture, Sayya, i.e., Resting on hard earth, Akrosa, i.e., Abuse or unpleasant and insulting language, Vadha, i.e., Beating or violence inflicted by cruel persons, Yachana, i.e., Begging or desire to beg for food, medicine, etc., Alabha, i.e., Disappointment from not getting what one wants, e.g. food, Roga, i.e., Diseases and infirmities in the body, Trnasparsa, i.e., Thorn-pricks or pricks from the sharp grass, Mala, i.e., Dirt and impurity all over the body, Satkara-puraskara, i.e. Remaining uninfluenced by praise or reward, Prajna, i.e., Pride of knowledge, Ajnana, i.e., feeling of ignorance or non-possession of knowledge, and Adarsana, i.e., slack-belief or temporary lack of faith.


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Stats so far

The count of Digambara monks & nuns is as follows and growing...

406 Monks
(Acharya, Ailacharya, Upadhyay, Muni)
172 Nuns
(Ganini Aryika, Aryika)
35 Juniors
(Ailak, Kshullak, Kshullika)
613 Total

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