Meaning of 108

108 represents the 108 qualities in Jain Upadhyay, Munishris and Sadhus.

There are 108 qualities of praiseworthy souls as elaborated below:

  • Arihant..........12 Qualities
  • Siddh............08 Qualities
  • Acharya........36 Qualities
  • Upadhyay......25 Qualities
  • Sadhu...........27 Qualities
8 Qualities of Siddh
S. No. Quality (Gun) Meaning Karm/Dosh
4 by destorying Ghati-Karm
1. Anant Gyan Infinite Knowledge
2. Anant Darshan Infinite Perception
3. Anant Charitra Perfect Conduct
4. Anant Virya Infinite Energy
4 by destroying Aghati-Karm
1. Avyabadha-sukh Eternal Happiness
2. Akshay-stithi Immortality
3. Arupitv Formlessness
4. Aguru-Laghotv Equality among all Siddh
  • 12 Qualities of Arihant are further sub divided as
    • 4 Atishay
      1. Gyan Atishay
      2. Vachn Atishay
      3. Puja Atishay
      4. Apayapagm Atishay
    • 8 Prtiharya
      1. Singhasan
      2. Bhamandal
      3. Chhatra
      4. Ashok Vriksh
      5. Deva-dundubhi
      6. Divya-dhwani
      7. Pushp-vrushti
      8. Chamar


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