The Daily Routine of Digambara monks

The Daily Life of the saint is characterised by extreme simplicity, He rises early in the morning and engages himself in the performance of the samayika. This takes him something like two hours and a half to perform, after which he sits down for the svadhyaya (reading) of the Scripture of Truth. He rises from this about 9 o’clock, and then proceeds to attend to the calls of nature. At about the breakfast time (about ten o’clock) he reaches the quarters of the pious householders, except when he be fasting, in which case he does not stir out from his place. The food taken, he returns straight to his place and sits down to the midday samayika; spending, if possible, six gharis (=144 minutes) thereon, but in any case not leas than a third of that period. The afternoon is spent in the performance of the six essentials of the saintly life. In the evening, the samayika is again performed about the time of the sunset.


Sannyāsa Dharma by Champat Rai Jain

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Stats so far

The count of Digambara monks & nuns is as follows and growing...

406 Monks
(Acharya, Ailacharya, Upadhyay, Muni)
172 Nuns
(Ganini Aryika, Aryika)
35 Juniors
(Ailak, Kshullak, Kshullika)
613 Total

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